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About Turkey

About its diversity and color, legends around the world. This country attracts millions of tourists every year! And really, if you think about it, what other country, except Turkey, can boast that its territory is washed by four seas: in the North-the Black sea, in the West-the Aegean, in the North-West – the marble, in the South – the Mediterranean sea. Today, Turkey remains a safe haven for real estate investments.

How to buy property in Bulgaria

About Bulgaria

We present to You an short tour to Bulgaria from the LTA Real Estate & Investment. Located on the Western side of the Black sea and in the North of Greece and Turkey, Bulgaria is an excellent example of Eastern European culture, cuisine and scenery. Dense forests, sandy beaches and fascinating architecture provide to the traveler with a lot of impressions.

About North Cyprus

Someone calls Northern Cyprus “hidden from prying eyes Paradise” – one of the last untouched corners of the Mediterranean, it is less known and studied. This part of the island is famous for the pristine beauty of nature against the background of a unique historical heritage, clean beaches and mountains of amazing beauty. Pure Golden beaches and lagoons, stunning beauty of nature and original Mediterranean culture, long summer, crystal clear air-will make your stay unforgettable.


Reviews from real estate agency LTA Real Estate & Investment will clearly show you that in Turkey, Bulgaria and Northern (Turkish) Cyprus, there are many beautiful and interesting places. Some of them are created by nature, moreover others by man. Here you will find the most interesting places.

Some of which you just have to visit, see and try at least once in your life. If you can bring at least a small part of these ideas to life, you will always have wonderful memories. In these countries, you are sure to find what you like.

The most interesting reviews

As you know, these countries have a certainly long history. She gave them amazing monuments, interesting traditions and the most diverse cuisine. And nature is not stingy on generous gifts, so Turkey, Bulgaria and Northern Cyprus can offer you a lot. “Much” is not just a word — it’s more than a dozen interesting excursions, it’s extreme entertainment, furthermore a lot of exciting ideas.

To consider everything in detail, it is necessary to live in these countries at least not a very long period of time. But in order to save your time and satisfy your curiosity, reviews from our real estate professionals will introduce you to the main ones, and the most popular.