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Residence permit in Turkey, or ikamet-another concept that you may encounter a foreigner, if this country has attracted you so much that you have decided to stay here for a longer period of residence. LTA Real Estate & Investment offers you its assistance in obtaining a residence permit.

The basis for obtaining a residence permit

The presence of property in Turkey or long-term rental property – sufficient basis for ikamet in Turkey.
The first time you apply for a residence permit on the basis of Tapu can be issued to a citizen of the Russian Federation. It is the owner of the property or his direct relatives (husband/wife, parents and children under 18 years) – for a maximum of 2 years. In this case, the value of the property does not matter. In the future, you can apply for a longer period of residence permit, as well as Turkish citizenship (after 5 years of residence).
Relatives of the owner of Tapu by law can count on a tourist residence permit.

Documents for registration of primary documents

For the initial registration of a residence permit a foreigner must have the following documents:

* TAPU (certificate of ownership of the apartment) or rental agreement for a period of at least 1 year, certified by a notary.
* The original and a copy of the passport or document replacing it (copies with the presence of pages containing information about the identity, photo and any marks).
* Four photos (photos must be biometric and taken against a white background within the last 6 months).
* Declaration of permanent and sufficient income for the period of residence in the country. (It is declared in the form of an application, the office may require supporting documents).

We will assist in the preparation of the following documents for you:

* Residence permit application form.
* Tax number in Turkey.
* Valid health insurance (insurance must cover the period of stay on the basis of a residence permit).

rezidence permit in TurkeyThe process of filing and date of receipt

You can submit the application form by the applicant online. After which the system appoints the date of the meeting for submission of documents. The date of the meeting and the date of receipt of ikamet can vary from a week to several months.
Important-after applying for a residence permit the applicant can stay in Turkey legally without fear of violating the visa regime!
When extending ikamet personal presence and meeting are not required – prepared documents for the extension of residence permit can be sent by mail. Once ikamet is ready, it will be sent by mail to the specified address.

Residence permit in Turkey for Russians

Russian citizens to visit Turkey for the purpose of tourism, private or short-term business visit, as well as transit visa is not required, if the period of stay in the country

Anya does not exceed 60 days. At the same time, a foreign passport of a foreigner entering the territory of the Turkish Republic must be valid for at least 60 days from the date of expiry of the permitted period of visa-free stay. (In other words, at the time of entry, the foreign passport of a Russian citizen must be valid for at least 120 days).

If you plan a longer visit, the visa must be issued in advance. You can do it at the consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Moscow, or at the consulates in St. Petersburg and Kazan.

The total period of stay in Turkey may not exceed 90 days within six months.

Important! Recently, the media periodically appear reports that the Turkish border service massively refuses to enter the country to citizens of the Russian Federation. In practice, refusals of entry, as before, are very rare. As a rule, because they are violations of the law of Turkey in previous entries. (Here you should include the excess of length of stay in the country and illegal employment).

Entry to Turkey for citizens of CIS countries

It should be borne in mind that the requirements of the Turkish authorities in relation to tourists from different republics of the former USSR may vary:

Citizens of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan can stay in Turkey without a visa for up to 30 days.
Citizens of Armenia and Moldova (must provide proof of sufficient financial means from calculation of $ 30 per day of stay per person). It is necessary to issue an e-visa on the website in advance ahhh! Persons who do not have an E-Visa will not be able to enter the country. Stay up to 1 month;
Citizens of Georgia can stay in Turkey without a visa for up to 90 days.
We recommend to get inform on the websites of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and e-VISA before the trip.

Entry to Turkey from Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is formally a separate state from Turkey. At the entrance to Turkey from the territory of Northern Cyprus is the usual passport and customs control. Arrivals need to obtain entry stamps at the border control.

Exceeding the period of stay in Turkey

For exceeding the period of stay in Turkey for no good reason for 15 days on departure police will charge a fine.

If the period of illegal stay exceeds 15 days, when leaving the country, a tourist must pay the fine. As well as a ban on entry into the country for a period of one month can be setted.

In case of refusal to pay the fine, the tourist will be ban from visiting Turkey for five years.

Of course, each individual situation and its necessary set of documents. So you best turn to experts in their field. In that case you shouldn’t worry about whether you get a residence permit in Turkey or not.