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About North Cyprus or Turkish Cyprus we can tell you that it is a young country with ancient historical roots located in the North-Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. Proximity to Asia Minor and North Africa, the island is located 105 km from the Syrian in 108km from the Lebanese in 380km from the Egyptian and only 65 km from the Turkish coast-determines the geographical affiliation to Western Asia and the Middle East.

Someone calls Northern Cyprus “hidden from prying eyes Paradise” – one of the last untouched corners of the Mediterranean, it is less known and studied. This part of the island is famous for the pristine beauty of nature against the background of a unique historical heritage, clean beaches and mountains of amazing beauty. Unique eco-villages cherish the traditions of Cypriots.

Pure Golden beaches and lagoons, stunning beauty of nature and original Mediterranean culture, long summer, crystal clear air-will make your stay unforgettable.

A distinctive feature of Northern Cyprus is the increased level of security, friendliness and hospitality of the local population.

North Cyprus is a country with visa — free entry-visa stamp is put on a separate form-insert at the airport. And you can fly here in transit through Turkey.

The area of 3355 sq. km, a coastline of 648 km.

The highest point of the mountains-Olympus 1952 m.

The island is dominated by two mountain ranges and one Central plain.

About North Cyprus


Lefkosha ( the old French name is also used – Nicosia)
Large city: Gazi magusa (Famagusta), Girne (Kyrenia), Guzelyurt and Lefke.


Northern Cyprus according to 2008, amounted to 260 thousand people, it is only the local population, and with immigrants from other countries who also live in Northern Cyprus, the number has increased-450 thousand people.
The indigenous population is Turkish Cypriots.


Most Turkish Cypriots are Muslims. Although very few people regularly visit the mosque or wear religious clothing, religious holidays are always welcomed and celebrated with pleasure. Christian worship is allowed, so an increasing number of Europeans come to Northern Cyprus to hold a wedding ceremony. For this important event, many choose the beautiful old Church of St. Andrews, which is located next to the Harbor of Kyrenia, which has remained there since colonial times.


The official language of the Northern part of the island is Turkish, but English widely spokes as a second language. On road signs, the inscriptions  writes in two languages, which makes it easy to navigate along the route.

Transport links from Turkey
By plane: there are direct flights to Ercan airport from Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Antalya. They are regularly perform by Turkish airlines AtlasJet, Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, Pegasus and Sky Airlines. The journey time is about one hour. All flights flying to and from Northern Cyprus must land at the Turkish airport.

Sea: catamarans and ferries from Alanya and Tasucu. The final destination is the port of Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus. The crossing will take about four hours.

About North Cyprus: visa regime

Furthermore North Cyprus visa is free of charge. No prior visa is required. Tourists receive a visa at the entrance to the country at passport control. It is enough to show the return ticket and fill in a separate form-insert (specify the name, surname and other necessary data). It should be remembered that the stamp of Northern Cyprus, put in the passport, can create problems for visa and entry into Greece and southern Cyprus.

Customs regulations

In Northern Cyprus for unimpeded cart allowed: photo and video cameras, personal jewelry, sports equipment. The maximum allowed amount for import and export — 10 thousand us dollars or its equivalent in another currency. To avoid misunderstandings, you should know one thing. The laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus strictly prohibite the export of archaeological finds. This applies both to whole things and debris, which on the ruins of Salamis and Carpasia countless.

The import of animals (dogs and cats) into the country allows, but they must undergo a three-month quarantine in special veterinary hospitals. So it is better to refrain from traveling with Pets.

Without payment of duty, you can import 400 cigarettes or 0.5 kg of tobacco, 1 liter of any alcoholic beverages.


Moreover this island endows its visitors with an average of 340 Sunny days a year. Someone can argue that in Northern Cyprus only two seasons – spring, which lasts from late December to may, and summer, which lasts until November.
Northern Cyprus characterize by a favorable Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild wet winters, which usually last no more than 2 months. And in winter it is difficult to call it-day in January and February, the temperature is 14-16, and at night rarely falls below 6-8 degrees Celsius. In winter, there is an average of about 6 hours of sunshine a day, and the rains are short. Fresh herbs, numerous flowers bloom cover plains and mountains.
In late April-early may, when the temperature rises to +25°C and then gradually begins to rise to the level of the hottest month of the year — August, with an average temperature of + 28°C to + 36°C (but low humidity and high atmospheric pressure make this heat is not only easily tolerated, but even pleasant!). At night, the temperature can drop to a comfortable 21-23 degrees, at which sleep is very comfortable.

Northern Cyprus Is amazing because even in October the daytime temperature can reach + 26 degrees, so during the autumn holidays at school you still have time to get a dose of sunlight and warmth of the whole family. Only by mid-November will the air temperature in Northern Cyprus begin to fall to its lowest level before starting to rise again in mid-March.


Local culture manifestes in traditional cuisine, and Northern Cyprus is no exception. Restaurants and numerous cafes, popular among locals and tourists. They always offer a variety of Mediterranean dishes. And offer dishes with shades of Turkish cuisine and the Middle East — meze, kebabs, dolma, fish and seafood, stuffed vegetables, cheese dishes. Along with this, quite common and familiar to all of us European cuisine.

Furthermore the traditional cuisine of Turkish Cypriots widely uses olive oil. Also here a lot of cheese from sheep’s milk and fresh fish. There a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. A special place on the table will take dessert-lokma, baklava, as well as fresh fruits such as sweet melon, oranges, figs.

We can tell even more interesting things about North Cyprus, but it is better to see some of them yourself.

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