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About Sofia

About Sofia

We are glad to tell you about Sofia – it is a thousand years of beauty, taste and elegance.

The capital of Bulgaria is the oldest city in Europe, located in the depths of the Balkan Peninsula, at the foot of the mountains. This location makes the climate of Sofia warm and mild, although winters are quite cold, and in summer it is hot. The best time for a tourist here is may or September, but most tourists prefer June.

When here first time settled people not knows no one. For a long time Sofia was an important village of Thrace, after – the center of the Roman province. During the Ottoman rule Sofia was the largest shopping center of the Balkans, along with Istanbul.

Having absorbed Western and Eastern culture, the capital of Bulgaria has become an amazing place where the East flows smoothly into the West and Vice versa. Here the Christian Church side by side with mosques, and modern European capital that has kept the spirit and color of the Ottoman of a large shopping center.

One of the most attractive features of Sofia is the friendliness of the locals. Russian tourists are loved here, and the common Slavic roots make the language barrier very conditional.

About Sofia: Sightseeings

Churches and mosques

Almost all tourist routes of Sofia start from the Patriarchal Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. Built in the early 20th century, it recreates the best examples of Byzantine architecture, the authors of the picturesque icons of the temple were the great Russian artists: Vasnetsov, meat eaters, Bruni. Especially impressive are the mosaics of the Cathedral.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

The oldest building in Sofia is the rotunda of St. George (6th century ad). Surrounded by the ruins of the residence of the Roman emperors, the Church has long gained fame as an interesting object to visit. The main treasures of the Rotunda are ancient frescoes, miraculously preserved on the walls of the temple. To feel the whole atmosphere of this ancient Shrine, you need to visit the Sunday service.

Rotunda of St. George in Sofia

Banya Bashi mosque is the creation of one of the most famous architects of the Ottoman Empire of the 16th century Sinan (the mosque of Suleiman in Istanbul, Sehzade mosque). Built on the spot where the hot springs are beating, it still produces a strong and mysterious impression, surrounded by steam clubs, escaping from the special taps at the base of the building. In winter, it seems that the mosque hovers on a cloud. Furthermore the interior was last restored at the beginning of the last century.


The Royal Palace of Sofia has two main museums in Bulgaria: the national art gallery and the Ethnographic Museum. The first presents the fine arts of the country from ancient times to the 21st century. In the second you can get acquainted with the rich and difficult history of the Bulgarian people.

Royal Palace in Sofia

The most modern and technological Museum of Sofia is the historical one. Artifacts from the stone age to modern times are presented. Entrance fee to all museums is symbolic.

Historical Museum in Sofia


The most famous Bulgarian restaurant – Vodenitsata. The menu has different salads, a good selection of cheeses, cold snacks. Meat dishes with an Oriental accent, specialty-chicken and beef fillet baked with smoked cheese, tongue and eggs. Surprise gourmets and wine list of the restaurant.

Shopping on site

So the main trade route of Sofia is Vitosha street. Here are concentrated the best souvenir shops of the city, large shops and galleries.


Therefore in Sofia, a lot of Nightclubs, but very popular among tourists is the institution “Night Flight”. Super modern content, great bar, stylish interior, the best DJs-here you can find everything you need to relax and have fun.

We were glad to tell you about Sophia. Moreover now see it yourself!



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