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About Istanbul

About Istanbul

Information about Istanbul will be interesting and useful to everyone who wants to visit this city, and who already lives in it, but knows very little about it. Istanbul is not only Turkey’s largest city, but also Turkey’s largest seaport and transportation hub. Today Istanbul is also an industrial, economic and cultural center of the country.

Istanbul was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire and Byzantium. Located on the shores of the Bosphorus, Istanbul is located in two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. Such a favorable geographical position of Istanbul for all millennia, which has the history of the city, had a positive impact on the development and life of the city.

In 1923, the Republic of Turkey proclaimed as a result of the victory of the national liberation movement. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was its head. Then the capital of Turkey was Ankara, but Istanbul remained the industrial, cultural and commercial center of Turkey. Later, Istanbul also became a tourist center of the country. And then it rushed streams of travelers and tourists from all over the world.

The History Of Istanbul

Until 1930, the city of Istanbul was officially called Constantinople. It is under this name the city of Istanbul has been known for a long time in the international arena. In the Russian Chronicles of the middle ages this city was called Konstantinov Grad or Tsargrad. Under these names mention of Istanbul can also be found in the classical Russian literature of the 18th-19th century.

Historians find it difficult to name the exact date of Foundation of Istanbul. But most of them believe that Istanbul was founded around 667 BC and was called Byzantium. Then in 330 ad the city was renamed New Rome, and only in 450 ad it became known as Constantinople. In the Asian part of the city traces of the first human settlements belong to the Neolithic era. And the first traces of human stay in the part of the city, where today is the Topkapi Palace, historians date back to the bronze age.

The centuries-old history of Istanbul keeps many secrets. The city has experienced periods of prosperity and decline, saw the change of rulers and empires, there were wars of conquest, victory and defeat. Istanbul throughout its long history has been the residence of a total of 10 Roman emperors, 82 Byzantine emperors and 30 sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

All these historical events have always reflected on the appearance of Istanbul. Therefore, today in Istanbul you can see a large number of interesting attractions that have reached us from time immemorial. These unique sights and cultural values attract tourists from all over the world to Istanbul today. They help to learn more about the history of world civilization and to touch the very origins of the world historical heritage.

Weather in Istanbul

Turkey is located in several climatic zones. But in General, the climate of Turkey is quite mild, and Istanbul is no exception. Istanbul has a temperate climate, meaning that summers in Istanbul are quite warm, and winters are cool.

The average temperature in January is usually from +3° C to +9° C, but sometimes the thermometer in winter can fall to -13° C. Winter in Istanbul is usually rainy, but sometimes it snows.

In summer, in August, the air temperature is usually from+20° C to + 29° C, but there are cases when the weather was hotter – in August 2000, the heat in Istanbul reached +40° C !

Information about Istanbul, what it is today

Today Istanbul is an industrial, economic and tourist center of Turkey. Istanbul is home to major banks, major foreign insurance companies, representative offices and agencies. Istanbul has developed shipbuilding, chemical, light and food industries. It thrives trade and, of course, tourism.

The population of Istanbul today is approaching 17 million people, and the city continues to grow and develop. Today, every fifth resident of Turkey lives in Istanbul, and more than 6 million tourists visit Istanbul every year. And this is not surprising, because the museums, historical values and relics that are located in Istanbul, in its historical and cultural significance are about half of the entire cultural and historical values of Turkey.

Education in Istanbul

Today Istanbul is also the largest scientific center of Turkey. There are a number of different scientific societies and wonderful libraries. The largest of them, for example, the library of Istanbul University, are famous all over the world.

There are several state universities in Istanbul. Among them are the famous Istanbul University, Istanbul technical University, bogazichi University and Marmara University. There are also several private universities in Istanbul, which also enjoy well-deserved attention and respect, as well as Higher technical school, Istanbul Academy of Economics and trade, Conservatory, Academy of fine arts and other higher and secondary special educational institutions.

Cultural center of the country

Every year new international hotels open in Istanbul, modern business centers build, shopping centers open. Every year, new districts build in the Eastern and Western parts of Istanbul and about three dozen new streets appear. Now the length of Istanbul is about 150 km long and 50 km wide.

Currently, Istanbul remains the cultural center of the country. In addition to numerous attractions and historical monuments, the city has many interesting museums that attract the attention of history lovers from around the world all year round. The theaters of Istanbul are classical and modern plays, and in the Opera hall “Maxim” are concerts and musical performances. Every two years takes place in the Istanbul biennial of contemporary art.

The modern shopping centres of Istanbul offer a wide range of products from the Turkish industry, from famous Turkish carpets, jewellery and leather goods to traditional Souvenirs, Oriental spices and delicacies.

And, of course, it is impossible to imagine Istanbul without the world-famous Grand Bazaar with its unique Oriental flavor and a variety of exotic goods.

About Istanbul Real Estate Investment

There are many reasons to make real estate investment in Istanbul is a wise choice.

      • Buying a property in Turkey in general will make buyer eligible for permanent residence permit in Turkey.
      • High return on investment rate and capital growth potential since the government started to modernize the real estate market of Turkey to bring it in line with other destinations of the world.

The result is that buyers are cashing in while it is still young and overall. Property anywhere in Turkey has enormous potential when it comes to capital growth. According to the stat crunching portal Numbeo, prices per square meter in London range from 677% to 862% higher than Istanbul.

      • Liquidity Potential as gone are the days, when we buy a house for life. Changing lifestyle habits as well as work and career commitments means selling a house is just as important as buying it. Studies say current generations will own an average of three different houses in the lifetime, hence buyers are also hedging their bets when it comes to selling and that is where the Istanbul real estate market steps up.

Turkey’s 2023 vision plan

Turkey’s 2023 vision plan aims to increase the capita per household to that of European countries. Combine this with government incentives, as well as a growing population and the buyers’ market sets to grow even more.

    • Easy process and simple procedures for buying and selling properties and obtaining related documentations.
    • Full ownership without restrictions
    • Istanbul is global tourism and business hub, in addition to Turkey’s plan for the Istanbul International Financial center, a mega project that will be the country’s equivalent of Wall Street. Times are changing, and Turkey wants in on the action. Anyone that plans to invest in Istanbul real estate can enjoy the ride.
    • Istanbul has a nice climate all year long between sunny summers, mildly rainy to snowy winter which attracting tourists, business people and investors all over the year which make real estate business dynamic all over the year.
    • In Istanbul properties varies in areas, locations, views to meet all budgets for all prospective buyers.


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